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Hey Golden Hawks! Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. Let’s continue to join the conversation about mental illness and end the stigma!

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What if there were no more humans?

This week was a little bit of everything, we talked about a video that laid out what would happen if human beings became extinct. You can check out the video here:  Also we talked...

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Is Blink 182 overrrrrr?

News came out yesterday that one of the members of Blink 182, Tom DeLonge, left the band!  What’s going to happen next?  We’re not really sure… But here’s an article to keep you updated...

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3rd Week Back!

  For the 6th episode on Pumpthebass here is this weeks tracklist used with all song names. Be sure to look out for Hardwell’s new album United We Are as well as Above and...

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Spain ‘Sargent Place’ Review

Previous to listening to the album, Sargent Place by Spain I had never heard of the band, but as the first few chords filled the silence followed by a soft almost melancholy voice of...

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Don’t stress, it’s Friday!

Hey Y’all! We had a fantastic show today and were joined by a great guest, Frank from Success Without Stress Laurier! Their organization is helping de-stress the student body through meditation sessions on campus!...